Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First post since moving

So, I live in Philadelphia now. It is really strange to me that eight months ago, I was living happily in Joplin, Missouri thinking about my next job. Seven months later, I am again doing that only in a delayed fashion.

Josh and I moved into our deluxe apartment in the sky one month ago. I finished unpacking the kitchen within two days of moving. Josh finished unpacking his board games approximately 12 hours after we arrived. We are mostly done unpacking and what is not unpacked is mostly clothing and items that we need to buy furniture to put away.

We purchased a sofa and recliner that were delivered before the new year. We also ordered a table and chairs for our dinning area. The table arrived just after the new year and the chairs are scheduled to arrive in late March. We still cannot agree on bedroom furniture or accent tables. The joys of marriage.

Josh and I, within days, found a church to attend and we both like it! It truly has been a blessing to see how our lives have settled in to Philadelphia. We have a group of friends that we see on most weekends so far that game with Josh and I get along with most of the wives. I have a couple of girls that have been very encouraging to me at the church we are attending and this week was the first Sunday in a long time that I really looked forward to church. (I was sick and was not able to go; I was incredibly disappointed by that.) We have been attending the City Lifers group at the church and it has been amazing to watch Josh open up to people that he would have been reluctant in the past. It has been truly astonishing to see how God has already connected us in so many ways.

I feel that I am struggling with finding a job. Alright, truthfully, I have only been looking for two weeks and have heard back from two so far. One saying that they filled the position the week I applied and the other asking for salary expectations. I am working on waiting for God to provide me with the right position in stead of what I think I need. Josh and I have been talking about how he wants me to focus on me and not worry about finances as much. Can you believe that? My husband wants me to not worry about our finical situation? It is really astounding to hear him say that since he is one of the most money conscience people I know. I am truly blessed to have him as a husband. This week when I was so sick, he brought me the food I needed to make me feel better before I could ask him and cooked me soup, he carried me to the bed one night after I fell asleep on the sofa, he didn't complain when I didn't shower for two days- it made me nauseous when I stood for too long, and he did the laundry. I would argue with anyone that I have the best husband ever!

Everyday I look out our window and feel so blessed to have the apartment we have. I love our view. Every morning I look out and marvel at the city and thank God that we are where we are. So far, I have enjoyed every minute of living here.

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